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The Brand

GermCure was founded by a South African couple that is passionate about improving the quality of life for families by protecting them from cross contamination and infection by using innovative technology and scientifically proven, safe, effective and natural solutions.

Their quest started in 2011 when their 15 month old Baby Girl was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was admitted in hospital with a Blood Glucose Count of 52. Without any family history of Diabetes there was a great amount of unanswered questions they wanted answers for.

They learnt that this could have been as a result of an infection that she contracted. Their Quest then started to try and prevent as many children from contracting infections, where would be a better place to start than Childcare and Education Facilities, The rest is history!

GermCure aspire to be a global leader in disinfecting and hygiene solutions to the Childcare, Education, Corporate, Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Residential Sectors.


Since 2012 GermCure is South Africa’s leading service provider of Advanced Disinfection Services and Products.

As leaders in our field we have developed Advanced Disinfection Solutions & Techniques “Total Room Disinfections”, using only NATURAL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE disinfecting and sanitising products

We introduced our Electrostatic Disinfection Services to the South African market in 2012, we are the only Company that utilises State of the Art Electrostatic Air Assisted Sprayers combined with 100% NATURAL disinfecting and sanitising products.

We provide our services to a variety of sectors:

• Educational - i.e. Childcare Facilities, Schools and Universities
• Lifestyle – Gymnasiums, Spas, Swim Schools, Golf Club Changing Rooms, Residential Homes etc.
• Food and Beverage – Restaurants, Central Kitchens, Factories, Bakeries etc.
• Hospitality – Guest Houses, Hotels, Hostels, Holiday and Serviced apartments etc.
• Recreation – Play areas and Equipment, Playgrounds etc.
• Laboratory and Medical – Laboratories, Vetenary Rooms, Clinics, Doctor Rooms etc.
• Transportation – Ambulances, Trains, Busses, Boats, Taxis etc.
• Offices – Corporate and SME offices.

With our globalised economy, trading and tourism the focus on maintaining high levels of hygiene is becoming ever-increasingly important.

To curb possible pandemic outbreaks like HIN1, Ebola and Swine Flu it became crucial to maintain high levels of good hygiene, with densely populated, developed and developing countries this need has become non-negotiable.

Our GermCure Business owners operate their businesses from home based offices, their ideal location will thus be in their Franchised area as determined by their franchise contract.

A GermCure Business will originally start of with a staff complement of 2, a Owner and One Operating Partner or Staff Member.

As the GermCure Business develops and grows, this composition will change.


Owners and All their staff are required to complete our in-house training programmme.

All training is budgeted for and the business owners carry the costs.

New employees are appointed on a three-month contract basis prior to offering them permanent employment.

All Owners and Staff should be in possession of a Police Clearance Certificate.

The training schedule is as follows:

Business Owners and Franchisees – 1 Month
Operational Staff – 2 Weeks

The operations of the businesses, Training, Policies, Business Systems and Structures are managed and maintained by TRUEBRAND.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

It is a proven fact that the success of countless enterprises is linked to the ability and knowledge of the management, their knowledge of the trade, the local market and the business environment.

These challenges can be met and successfully managed by a business owner and his staff that successfully completed our initial training programme.

The owner and his staff ‘s sole focus should be to ensure that their clients are entirely satisfied with the service and products they receive.

Based on the above we are convinced that the business owner and his staff will be equipped to operate a successful GermCure Business.

Ideal Franchisees:

* Should have great marketing skills
* Should be able and willing to work hard - physically
* Should be able to keep to strict routine
* Should be well disciplined
* Should be able to maintain excellent customer relations

We view the way clients perceive our image as a crucial factor to and part of our marketing to attract new clients.

We therefore expect all our business owners and staff to always be neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform and to ensure good personal hygiene.