GoFocus Learning Centres

The Future of Remedial and Dyslexic Education

GoFocus Learning Centres

Full Description

The Brand

The GoFocus programme was developed in South Africa in 2008 and was introduced as a Business Opportunity in 2009, producing breath-taking results. GoFocus Centres combine the interactive computer animation programme with unique 3-dimensional table work activities and gross motor co-ordination exercise equipment.

Learners attend 1 or 2 hours per week in the afternoon.

It is our aim to provide a unique product that will successfully enrich and develop children with learning difficulties and dyslexia in an easy, fun and effective way. Learners are equipped to get through the school system more easily. We strive to provide this opportunity to as many children as possible.

It is our vision to make a world of difference in the lives of millions of children.


GoFocus is intended for:

* Teaching literacy skills for Grades 1-12
* All visual learners;
* As a 2nd language;
* As a remedial programme for reading and comprehension, spelling, handwriting and dyslexia;
* Below average IQ;
* For Asperger syndrome kids.


Training is conducted in Pretoria and is a comprehensive programme run over a 4-day period.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

GoFocus provides a business opportunity for educational professionals to function as independent business owners whilst being part of the GoFocus team and under obligation to provide high quality service and experience breath-taking success true to the GoFocus vision.

Anyone may own a GoFocus Centre but the person offering the lessons should be a qualified Teacher, Remedial Teacher, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist.