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Innovatus FET College

Full Description

The Brand

Established in 2009, Innovatus FET College was established to fill a market niche in South Africa. The Innovatus FET College Franchise offering is the only value-added educational franchise brand offering being strategically priced at R 960,000 including VAT. This price is effectively 50% of the total estimated cost that a new business owner would expect to spend on starting his / her own new college brand from scratch to financial viability and profitability.

Many of our informed enquiries share these sentiments based on their own market research done and if you are looking to capitalise on an innovative educational & viable business model, then the Innovatus Franchise is the answer. Innovatus pronounced IN-OH-VAY-tis is the Latin term meaning innovation, to renew, create or re-engineer. And this is what the Innovatus brand stands for i.e. to re-engineer education practices in the country. Innovatus is also in the process of upgrading, rebranding and undergoing a name change to be more relevant in the current education market and for trade mark registration.

We pride ourselves on being unique, innovative and continually improving to ensure that our organisation is always kept abreast of latest developments and improvements. In keeping with this innovative philosophy, we have achieved many accreditations, accolades and affiliations such as: being an accredited member of the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA; becoming the first private college in South Africa to achieve full accreditation for 7 years with the Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training and most recently being successfully accredited by a government approved funding initiative, which allows our franchisees to access government funding at super friendly rates and extremely relaxed funding criteria.


Innovatus FET College was created to revolutionize education practices; be unique in its educational practices, and become an industry leader in innovative educational practices.
Innovatus, which now has seven campuses nationally, was initially established to meet the growing needs of the community, requiring nationally, recognised and accredited qualifications in various fields of study such as marketing; public relations; education and teaching; policing information technology; business management; office administration; tourism; hospitality and accounting.
Our campuses are supported by a fully-fledged; operational and functional head office. Our high pass rates are testament alone to the company’s quality and its distinct competitive advantage when compared to its competitors. Innovatus has created a competitive advantage in that our programme offering together with our high levels of quality makes us an extremely attractive wealth creation vehicle.
The management team at Innovatus comprises of educational and business professionals and academics who have more than 5 decades of experience in private education.


The franchisor shall:

o Allow the franchisee to conduct his business in the area agreed in the final agreement signed between franchisor and franchisee;
o Inform the Franchisee regularly on any changes to courses or new courses as well as on any adjustments that the Franchisor might deem necessary;
o Maintain a functional infrastructure in order to render a professional back-up service to the franchisees;
o Constantly be engaged in the research and development of new and market related course material and assessments and the registering appropriate products with the appropriate accreditation bodies, where applicable;
o Develop, implement and maintain administrative, financial and operational systems in order to streamline the managing processes within the franchise business, both at Head Office and franchise level;
o Take responsibility for the standard and integrity of the nation-wide operation of Innovatus FET College. It is compulsory for Franchisees to attend the Head Office seminars; workshops, certain meetings and training interventions
o Provide training and assistance to the new Franchisee. Before a franchise may register students the initial training at Head Office must be attended;
o Evaluate the college, administration systems and lecturers on a frequent basis to ensure that Franchisees keep their competitive edge and uphold the quality management systems, which are in place;
o Plan regional advertising campaign;
o Set-up the full college (See Schedule 1) and prepare for accreditation and registration;
o Training: Annual Conference for franchisees with Innovatus FET College franchisor;
o Practical hands-on training during the year for staff and management of each franchise;
o Training at head office for one week;
o The monthly franchise advertising levy is spent by the Franchisor on a national advertising campaign; and
o Corporate identity specifications document, for regional advertising, printing and signage will be given to franchisees.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Innovatus FET College is particularly interested in people who possess some or all of the following attributes:
• A people’s person who is able to work with people and have a pleasant and positive nature;
• He or she must have excellent selling skills; experience in direct selling is preferable;
• Communication skills: This is one characteristic that any franchisee must possess. This means they must be able to deal with people in a positive way. A good franchisee is one who enjoys spending time with people. Remember, if one treats their staff and customers with trust and respect, then they will remain loyal to them. Hence, it is must for a franchisee to treat their customers well which will ultimately add to the popularity of a business;
• Hard working: Running a franchise is not easy; it takes hard work to make it successful. For new franchises to be successful, a franchisee must not be afraid of hard work and happy to put in the hours required to get the job done;
• Positive attitude: A potential franchisee must have a positive attitude towards the Innovatus FET College business model. A franchisee must have a good attitude towards work and show that they can work alongside their employees, whether it is in the office or out in the field. They must even be willing to look for ways to make the brand more popular and suggest frequent changes for the betterment of the business. In other words, a franchisee must be self-motivated to take action and follow the successes of others. A self-motivated and organised person who wants to succeed and be prepared to work as part of a team;
• The term to be a good leader, you also must be a good follower is indeed true in franchising. Customers preferring franchised business are generally there because they know what to expect. A franchise system then rests upon the consistency of the products or services it offers. Deviate from this and you have taken out the foundation of this business system. This is why franchisors look for people who can lead and at the same time follow the business system in place.
• As there is always the chance of a franchise failing, Innovatus FET College is looking for people who cannot just follow the system but can get going when the going gets tough. Of course, getting a franchise also has its risks as with other business systems. What Innovatus FET College is looking for are “go-getters” or people who can handle the risk and work hard to make his / her franchise a success?
• Financially and ethically sound person who treats customers, suppliers and Innovatus FET College Support Office with integrity; and
• Approximately 50 percent of total set-up costs available in cash.

The Franchise Application Process
The Process from here to obtaining an Innovatus Franchise:
• Interested enquiries fill in the application form below
• Franchisor sends Disclosure Document and Franchise Information
• If prospective franchisee is interested, then informs Franchisor
• Franchisor sends Franchise Application Form and Credit Check Consent Forms for completion
• Prospective Franchisee must pay in R 2,850 screening fee (refundable on successful sale) by EFT into the Innovatus banking account
• Screening is compulsory for all candidates and is non-negotiable and includes Credit Checks; SAPS Criminal Checks and Psychometric Testing (online) to be done
• Prospective Franchisee meets with Franchisor at head office located in Kwa Zulu Natal
• Signature of franchise agreement and then installation of Innovatus Franchise