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Africa Skills is a SETA accredited training college that aims to change lives by developing skills at an individual, enterprise and community level throughout Africa. Our learning programmes focus on addressing scarce and critical skills shortages on the continent.

The Brand

Africa Skills has been changing people’s lives since it was founded in 2007. We see our management, staff, franchisees, students, host employers and other stakeholders as part of the Proudly Africa Skills family and encourage creativity and innovation. Achievements from both staff and students are recognised and rewarded and together we: EQUIP, EMPOWER AND EXCEL!

Our range of programmes is based on the list of critical and scarce skills as identified by the South African Government, but at the same time we are constantly seeking to improve and expand on these programmes to ensure we stay current and even ahead of the ever-changing needs in the industry.

We believe that the aforementioned will undoubtedly foster job creation, especially by means of apprenticeships, learnerships and skills programmes incorporated into work placement. Through skills development, constant job creation takes place. As more bursaries are awarded, more learners are recruited, which in turn leads to more facilitators to be employed. Learners already in the system are placed at host employers, which in turn benefits the business community by offering students the unique opportunity to work and gain the necessary experience while in training.


Africa Skills is accredited as a training college with the Department of Higher Education and Training, Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and various SETA’s. We are changing lives by developing skills at an individual, enterprise and community level throughout Africa. Our learning programmes focus on addressing scarce and critical skills shortages on the continent.

Africa Skills closes the loop in three imperative steps:

1. Contact Training

* Knowledge Teaching
* Practical Workshop Training

2. Work Readiness

* Experiential learning at qualified hosts (workplace) nationwide
* Employer / Mentor / Workplace

3. Trade Testing

* Preceded by Trade Test Preparation

Africa Skills has accumulated vast experience in education and is expanding the brand in a controlled but aggressive manner to strengthen the brand that is considered one of the best emerging businesses in the industry.

There is a strong demand for franchises throughout the country, however, the growth of the franchises is controlled to ensure that the franchisees have the best possible chance of success.


Initial training consists of business setup, systems, policies and procedural training which includes an overview of the Africa Skills business model, helping Franchisees become proficient in all aspects of operating an Africa Skills Franchise. The importance of thorough training cannot be over emphasised and it is essential to the success of all. Africa Skills operations support will continue to support the Franchisees throughout their Africa Skills Franchise ownership.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Africa Skills is currently recruiting franchisees who have the ability to run successful businesses, to think strategically and to execute on a daily basis.

The characteristics that Africa Skills looks for in the “ideal” franchisee:

* Financially strong with a good credit record.
* Willing and able to reinvest in and grow the business at any level.
* Strong communication skills.
* Goal-oriented individuals.
* Consistent and persistent individuals.
* Hands-on ownership.
* Believe in our products.
* Prefer a strong support network.
* Eager to learn.
* People who are confident in their abilities.
* Enthusiastic, positive thinkers.
* Not afraid of hard work.
* Strong organisational skills.

The franchisee needs to have a strong set of leadership skills and a business background.


When It All Began


Elsie Maria Harmse

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Roll-out in 2019.
Brand Network


Ronnelie Meyer

Head Office


No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities

Please contact Africa Skills directly.

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 400 000

Initial franchise fee

R 80 000

Initial Working Capital

R 1,2 Million

Minimum owners contribution

Franchise Terms

Management services fee


Marketing fee

R 100 per learner registration

Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

5 Years
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