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Neurofeedback is the science of changing brain waves by giving your brain real time information about where it is at.

The Brand

The business first started in 2008.

The business currently accesses the market through:

• Newsletters sent out to a database of over 12500 contacts which is growing consistently.
• Hyperli and deal specials that offer a discount on the assessment only and then we earn 100% of the full training or any sessions run thereafter.
• Competitions on social media sites as well as sponsoring of prizes and calendars through ‘Mums Mail’, SABC 2 and competitions in popular magazines.
• Participation in expo’s throughout the year that are health/wellness/fitness related.
• Editorials in popular publications and newspapers as well as online media sites.
• Interviews on Radio such as the Gareth Cliff Show, RSG, sports radio and many more.
• Social media campaigns and geographical pin location ads.

The franchise business model anticipates that in addition to the above traditional market access points, that the following will be actively developed through the franchise network:

• Direct to business to train whole departments within the business, thereby increasing work performance, company morale, creativity and productivity;
• Direct to schools, at the moment schools have Occupational therapists and the like who work with children on the premises. Our system is portable and we would be able to do the same, changing the way the learner focuses and concentrates as well as teaching them learning techniques in pictures while their brain is getting feedback. Learners will also be able to focus on their studies when any imbalances that cause stress, depression, anger, irritability or lack of sleep are corrected.
• Sports centres to work one on one or with entire teams to improve their performance.


Our target market is everyone from kids to the elderly, so we potentially have a vast client base. All of our equipment is portable so can be run in schools, corporates, etc. Our franchisees are like a family, we all look after each other so even though you are working alone in your own franchise, you are supported and have back up from the other franchisees.


Brain Harmonics provides their franchisees with comprehensive training on how the process works which includes:

• Back up support whenever needed for the first 2 years following the commencement date of the franchise agreement. Thereafter support will be provided by the franchisor and field officer when needed with training on how to overcome and learn to then be able to manage the business on your own.
• Current and up-to-date information and training as well as updates to software and designs whenever they are upgraded.
• Assistance with the setting up of the office and administration systems required.
• Marketing and advertising support.
• We have a WhatsApp group so all of the franchisees and field worker help immediately whenever needed.
• Ongoing Zoom training sessions to always refresh knowledge.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

The following are some characteristics that are necessary to be a successful Brain Harmonics franchisee:

• The ability to truly listen to a client allowing the client experience to be solely about themselves.
• Someone who is dynamic, this is your business and being able to promote it is key.
• Basic computer literacy as well as basic maths ability.
• Patience with children, teenagers or difficult clients.
• Confidence – we are asking people to trust us with their brain, this is a lot easier for a client when they pick up that you are confident with how the equipment, system and procedures are done.
• An ability to conduct yourself in a professional manner, speak clearly and dress appropriately.
• Always professional, on time and prepared for each client.


When It All Began


Kerry Rudman

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Kerry Rudman

Head Office


No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities

11 – Please contact Brain Harmonics directly

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 192 000

Initial franchise fee

R 180 000

Initial Working Capital

R 12 000

Minimum owners contribution

Franchise Terms

Management services fee

10% of turnover with a minimum of R 2 400 per month

Marketing fee

2% of turnover with a minimum of R 480 per month

Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

5 Years
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