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Cafe2go offers a turnkey mobile coffee trailer opportunity. Join our growing group of coffee entrepreneurs.

The Brand

Cafe2go was founded in 2012 by Hanno Coetzee (BComm Marketing).

Jan Grobler, founded the Cafe2go Franchise Division in 2013 and earned the title of CHIEF EXECUTIVE BEAN! Jan has a deep love and keen interest in the coffee industry. Jan is passionate about growing businesses in niche markets and combines his academic background (BComm.LLB.MBA) with a 20-year career in franchising, law and business mentoring. Today, Cafe2go is the solely owned by Jan and Perri Grobler.

Although proudly Cape Town born, we relocated our offices to Gauteng to grow our franchise group, streamline processes, improve the trailer manufacturing and support our existing franchisees.

We are proud that our coffee trailers have started to change the coffee landscape of South Africa’s busiest Province.


Cafe2go South Africa is proudly born, built, owned and franchised in Beautiful South Africa and offers the widest range of mobile coffee solutions in the South African market.

We provide quality coffees, teas, slushes and creatively flavoured bursting hot drinks alongside a carefully selected menu of bakery items.

Our internally developed house-blend coffee combines the best of responsible sourcing and small batch roasting to create consistently good coffee with every cup. All Cafe2go businesses only serve coffee from our carefully selected coffee beans. From sourcing the best beans to roasting each batch to perfection, we treat our beans with the respect they deserve. By following these principles we are able to create quality in our beans that give a smooth coffee taste that satisfies every time.

At Cafe2go we believe in freshness and quality. We love our daily caffeine fix and the vibrant energy that a coffee culture brings forth. From our boutique roaster, our coffee is roasted daily, enabling Cafe2go to deliver the finest and freshest coffee you deserve.

* The Franchise

Cafe2go offers the ultimate lifestyle franchise. If you are passionate about coffee, looking for an affordable franchise in the hospitality industry, and would like a good return on your investment, we should talk! All of our franchise packages feature a turnkey solution to get you on board and profitable, including:

• All equipment to offer a stunning menu of hot & cold drinks and snacks
• Start-up stock and marketing material
• Assistance in finding a great site and/or busy events
• Training and launch support for you and your barista
• Top suppliers with reasonable pricing
• Ongoing support

– Coffee Trailer

Who wouldn’t love a mobile, customised, fully functioning coffee shop on wheels? Fill up your tank and park your trailer wherever coffee lovers gather and watch as your barista turns beans into big bucks! (You can also make the coffee if you want, all our franchisees are highly trained coffee-ninjas after a few months in the family.) Our iconic branded trailers are operated by passionate franchisees and highly trained baristas.

Mobile coffee is the fastest growing niche within the phenomenally big and fast growing profitable global coffee industry.

– Café

The holy grail of all coffee solutions, this little magnum opus will have you and everyone within a 5km radius walking through the door each morning with a smile! Become the coffee mecca of your neighbourhood and live by your own rules! Did we mention you get an endless supply of the best coffee ever?

– Pop Up

Now you see it, now you don’t! The Pop-up Shop combines the best parts of a brick and mortar shop with the mobility of a trailer. To put another cherry on top, you are free as a bird to go wherever coffee lovers go. Fancy a trip to the coast? Go! And take your coffee with you to satisfy thirsty tourists.

– Events

The Cafe2Go team is focused on partnering with venues and event organisers looking for a turnkey coffee solution and a win-win relationship.

During the week we park our trailers at carefully selected high-traffic areas including office parks and big retailers that do not have a coffee shop. This provides a steady income for our franchisees to pays the bills and earn a tidy profit.

Weekends we come out to play and earn the big bucks! Carefully selected events are a big earner, particularly if it is the right profile crowd, if there is limited competition and if you have got the right menu for the type of weather.

Why franchise?

We prefer working with and empowering passionate people who operate inter-dependently, therefore our decision to franchise, rather than simply work with reps or distributors.

Cafe2go franchisees can combine a permanent site in the week with weekend events to earn as much as they want, up to 365 days of the year.


Business coaching is available to help you understand and optimise your franchise area. You can utilise these important tools to ensure you are running a profitable company.

Most importantly, we encourage you to HAVE FUN with your events, customers, regulars and suppliers!

* Staff

The ideal team has an experienced and dynamic barista and an outgoing, experienced sales person.
The barista will: have talent making consistently exceptional coffee, have personality ‘star power’, great people skills, is trustworthy with opening and closing the business as an on-site manager.
Your sales person will have an outgoing personality with a ‘can-do’ attitude who will be responsible for customer care, making cold drinks, preparing food, delivering orders, handing out flyers in the business’s catchment area (eg. office parks) and making sure there are no lost sales or opportunities to grow the business.

* Day to Day Operations

A typical weekday in the life of a Cafe2go franchisee consists of overseeing your barista and his delivery helper at the trailer, ensuring the trailer is properly stocked, check the daily sales records, collect receipts for your accountant, bank the cash and promote your Cafe2go business to possible sites and events.

Weekends focus on targeted events. Like any event organiser you need to get your ducks in a row throughout the week. For instance, the milk, ice, extra muffins, a quick site visit, studying the event demographics, the expected weather forecast, extra staff; all this planning ensures you maximise all sales opportunities for the weekend.

* Profitability

We encourage our franchisees to reach an average of R60 000.00 + turnover per month as soon as possible with a gross profit of approximately R 45 000 and a net profit of R 30 000 per month.

NOTE: Individual results differ for each franchisee and expected profits will depend on the combination of coffee business units bought and how actively you are operating them.

As the business owner, your responsibility will be to find and book events as well as act on the leads for events that we, the Franchisor will send you. Bear in mind that some events carry a booking charge.

* Franchise Area

Your franchise area will be negotiated with you. Some of the factors we consider are your current business and personal network and your ability to link to attractive niche markets for example the sport community, schools and your corporate connections. Our business philosophy boils down to “market saturation”, which we define as focusing strongly and doing justice to a small area, which makes more sense than spreading yourself too thinly.

We find that most sizeable country towns and selected suburbs in cities work very well for a Cafe2go franchise. The reason is our combined strategy with fixed sites during the week and selected events on weekends. In your application you have to indicate your area preference and we will work with you to define boundaries and area strategies. Events outside your area are handled only with our written consent.

Cafe2go Values: We only use quality 100% Arabica coffee and other quality materials. We respect our dedicated staff, suppliers, franchisees and customers. We value having fun and lifestyle choices, while we make a good living.

Safety: As a cash business it is important to be security conscious. We find it is important to bank daily cash sales, understand and use your point-of sales system as a management tool, insure your trailer, park only in safe areas and employ only staff with clean records.

Cafe2go Brand: We believe in the importance of building and maintaining a classy and sought-after brand. We find that this works. We want event managers and business park owners to approach us, not the other way around.

Our aggressive marketing strategy includes strong branding of our trailers, staff uniforms and marketing material, a fun and productive presence on Facebook and regular industry networking. Franchisees get picked on their marketing orientation, service ethics, focus on quality, a memorable customer experience, their ability to help grow the brand and their love of coffee, of course!

Innovation: We are very excited about developments in all facets of the mobile coffee industry. Franchisees will be able to participate in new developments and opportunities as and when they are added to the Cafe2go franchise concept. Franchisees will be kept in the loop on new developments and the possible costs and benefits to franchisees.

Guarantees: One year guarantee on the moving parts of the trailer and coffee equipment. For Trailers – twelve events per year referred from Head Office at an average of one per month. To make our and your marketing easier, we will link you to event organisers and sources of leads to help ensure a steady flow of events.

Stock Levels: We will teach you about the ideal stock levels to keep and what lead-times to expect on deliveries of stock to you.

Vehicle: For trailers – You need a strong enough vehicle to tow your trailer and we’ll advise you on the right image your vehicle must project.

Ordering stock: As a franchise group we believe in high quality and using our overall purchasing power to negotiate best prices and terms from our suppliers. You can order coffee and all other consumables from us. The delivery time is about 3 working days. Deliveries are done via a courier service. In emergencies you can collect stock from your nearest Cafe2go franchise depot.

Social Media: Social Media & Mobile IS BIG! You will find us on all the major social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Join our online community of coffee lovers and keep updated on events, personalities and coffee news & views. We boost promotions, products and events on your behalf.

Cafe2go Loyalty Program

Helping you grow your business. We also offer our franchisees a loyalty program that we introduced in March 2017. The Cafe2go App. is designed to spoil our customers with yet another way to place and get their favourite drink, snack, or even arrange platters pre-ordered or delivered! If you haven’t already, download it today from App Store or Google Play.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

A typical Cafe2go franchisee will start as a one or two owner-operator business, operating a hands-on lifestyle business usually from a convenient home-office. Cafe2go franchisees combine a permanent site in the week with weekend events to earn between R 25 000 – R 40 000 per trailer per month. An ambitious franchisee can buy more trailers, pop-ups and other mobile coffee solutions from us.

Our business coaches are available to help you understand and optimise your coffee business in your franchise area.

Our Ideal Franchisee Profile:

– Experience in the food and hospitality industry is an advantage
– Willingness to work flexible hours during the week and weekends
– Marketing and people orientated
– The desire to own and run your own business
– A reliable towing vehicle
– Enough money to pay for the franchise
– Working capital for the get-up-and-go launch phase
– LOVE COFFEE and a “have-a-chat” career ambitions
– Have an unstoppable ‘CAN DO’ attitude!


When It All Began


Hanno Coetzee & Jan Grobler

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Jan Grobler

Head Office


No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities


FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 250 000

Initial franchise fee

R100 000

Initial Working Capital

R 50 000

Minimum owners contribution

R 100 000
Franchise Terms

Management services fee

R 5 000

Marketing fee


Initial agreement term

5 years

Renewal term

5 years
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