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CHEM-DRY SA offers Carpet, Upholstery and Tile and Stone cleaning, plus a wide range of affordable services which will add beauty and value to your home or business facility. We take great pride in caring for your carpets and soft furnishings which is why all work is performed by trained and experienced professionals, using only the finest equipment and cleaning solutions.

The Brand

As a young man working his way through law school in the early 1970’s, Robert Harris was a carpet cleaner who was working for someone else. Unhappy with the performance of the cleaning products then available, he began looking for a better solution. His research stretched into years and years of studying the chemical properties of cleaning formulas and years of backbreaking experiments which required cleaning areas of dirty carpets with one formula and then another.

Eventually, he developed a revolutionary carbonated solution that not only cleaned beautifully, but was also safe and non-toxic. With the birth of Chem-Dry in 1977 came self-employment and success. The demand for his cleaning services mushroomed and soon friends and family clamored for his secret. From the first small group of franchises, the Chem-Dry network has grown to thousands of successful franchises around the world. As the Chem-Dry family increases, Robert Harris has seen his own success story repeated by many franchisees.

Now, after more than 30 years, Chem-Dry has become ranked the #1 Carpet Cleaning Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine with more locations than any other cleaner! With the outstanding leadership of our CEO, Dan Tarantin, and our Executive Team, Chem-Dry continues to lead the industry.


Chem-Dry® is the largest carpet cleaning organization in the world and in South Africa. Chem-Dry® SA was established in 1993. We have a network of 60 well trained Franchisees with an outstanding reputation in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Chem-Dry SA was named Chem-Dry’s Master Franchisee of 2013 at the Devere International Convention held in Nashville, Tennessee, in October 2013.

The Chem-Dry® process uses The Natural® which is a patented cleaning solution, Chem-Dry® patented system uses a unique, hot-carbonating process and a naturally based cleaning solution that is safe and non-toxic. The system employs a combination of heat and carbonation to help breakdown dirt deeply embedded in carpet or upholstery fibres. Millions of tiny effervescent bubbles lift the dirt to the surface, allowing it to be easily cleaned away rather than becoming further embedded into the fabric.

By using a fraction of the water required with alternative cleaning methods, no excess water is left behind in which mould or bacteria can thrive. Carpets and upholstery also dry in hours not days as with some carpet cleaning methods.

Since Chem-Dry® uses the Natural® instead of detergents or shampoos, there are no sticky dirt-attracting residues left behind following a clean and so carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for longer.

Chem-Dry® leaves your Home CLEANER, DRIER and HEALTHIER.

We cover all sectors. Residential, Commercial, Healthcare and the Industrial Sector. Hotels, Guest Houses, Doctor’s Rooms, Hospitals, Restaurants, Banks, and various other businesses are regular Chem-Dry users.

A Typical one-vehicle franchise team will consist of the owner with two technicians. As the franchise expands more support staff, equipment and vehicles must be added.


Chem-Dry® SA (the Master Franchisor) offers 4 days of intensive training for all new Franchisees as well as a week’s on the job training with another existing Franchisee before allowing them to start operating. Regular refresher training is also done throughout the year, and all Technicians are on a 5 Star Training Program. All Franchisees also have access to the Chem-Dry® University offering Technical, Financial and Marketing courses online.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

It’s an ideal business for an entrepreneur with drive, determination, good people and business skills. Knowledge of basic Accounting and Marketing is required, but it doesn’t require a lot of experience or money to start. We take care of the training with a 4-day session in St Francis Bay, South Africa. You can start your Chem-Dry business for a total investment of as little as R 48 500.


When It All Began


Harris Research International (Devere), Logan USA

Year Established

1977 USA, 1993 South Africa

1st Franchise Opened

1977 USA, 1993 South Africa
Brand Network


Casper Steenkamp

Head Office

St Francis Bay

No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities

16 – Please contact Chem-Dry SA directly.

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 190 000 plus a suitable vehicle.

Initial franchise fee

R 48 500

Initial Working Capital

R 30 000 – R 60 000

Minimum owners contribution

R 48 500
Franchise Terms

Management services fee

R 1 750 pm

Marketing fee

R 1 750 pm

Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

10 Years

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Chem-Dry oval tagline

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