Delivery Xtreme
Delivery Xtreme has arrived to offer clients their favourite restaurant meals served at home. DX offers clients the quick, convenient and professional delivery of meals to both homes and offices.

The Brand

The Delivery Xtreme brand was founded by Cornel Wilsch in 2005 and was soon joined by Anthony Drodskie. Together they have worked on establishing a brand network while expanding their national footprint. Between them Anthony and Cornel have 26 years experience in the delivery services industry to their credit.

Anthony and Cornel subscribe to the philosophy that if they cannot do it properly they would rather not do it at all. In the eight years since they have joined forces the network has grown to 16 branches, with representation in Pretoria, Johannesburg, KZN, the Eastern and Western Cape. Collectively the 16 branches service over 280 restaurant partners and facilitate close to 350,000 deliveries a year. With the demand for their services and product offerings in local suburbs ever on the increase, it is projected that 2014 will be a bumper year for the delivery sector.


The opportunity to bring people “happiness in a hotbox” is what drives Delivery Xtreme to deliver levels of customer service as yet unseen in this industry, effectively redefining the restaurant food delivery industry. In an industry where quality of service separates the men from the boys, their well integrated policies and procedures have elevated them to a position of strength.

Established with the intent to provide an efficient delivery service, an affordable advertising medium and ultimately an effective restaurant marketing tool, Delivery Xtreme outlets achieve this by delivering from a very close community of restaurants to a relatively small delivery area. The integrity of the food and speed of service is the primary focus of Delivery Xtreme franchises. Anybody who has ever thought of enjoying their favourite meal at home is a potential Delivery Xtreme customer. Typically, however, customers fall in the LSM5-10 category.

Areas presenting an opportunity for daytime corporate and densely populated night time trade will afford Delivery Xtreme franchisees the best opportunity for success. Areas considered as viable will have a close group of restaurants comprised of national brands as well as popular independent outlets.

A typical branch will employ between three and nine office staff, including management, and a busy branch may employ as many as 24 part time drivers.


Investing in a Delivery Xtreme franchise grants business owners access to a tested and proven business strategy, with policies and procedures that have been developed over a decade. Brand recognition, pre-existing supplier relationships, training programmes and the DX support system are amongst the benefits enjoyed by Delivery Xtreme franchisees and is of particular importance to franchisees with little or no experience in business ownership or limited industry experience. In addition, the franchisor also provides policies and procedures and ongoing support to keep operations running smoothly.

The Delivery Xtreme training program equips employees and franchise owners to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Establishing dependable relationships with suppliers is a challenge faced by all new business owners. Delivery Xtreme franchisees benefit from the reliable supplier relations developed on their behalf by the marketing department.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Successful Delivery Xtreme franchisees have a hands-on approach to business management and exhibit a willingness to go the extra mile. As a Delivery Xtreme franchisee absolute customer satisfaction should be your main priority, which is easily achieved when utilising the tools provided by the franchisor.


When It All Began


Cornel Wilsch

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Cornel Wilsch

Head Office

Johannesburg / Cape Town

No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities


FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 250 000

Initial franchise fee

Included in set-up cost

Initial Working Capital

R 100 000

Minimum owners contribution

Franchise Terms

Management services fee


Marketing fee


Initial agreement term

2 Years

Renewal term

2 Years
Delivery Xtreme

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