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FICS is a newly established group of companies for the insurance market, mainly focusing on motor vehicle accidents making use of digital enterprise and iOT to optimize turnaround time of insurance claims and delivering quantifiable data for the processing of claims.

The Brand

FICS originated over a 25 years period when specialist services were performed for the Road Accident Find (RAF), attorneys and Auditors were integrated into the FICS Franchise model. FICS utilized this accumulated expertise, best practices, templates, electronic and IT systems and developed a business model. It includes the FICS Mobile App to capture all merit aspects of accidents shorty after it occurs as well as the FICS IT Management System which coordinates and integrates all interventions, costing, data, client instructions and status reports. The RSA was demarcated into 145 economical and sustainable Franchise areas. FICS started its business model in 2016 and the first FICS Franchisees were trained in May 2017. Currently 20 Franchises are sold and operational in 6 Provinces.


FICS is a business-to-business service Franchisor. FICS Franchisees are offering services where the current level of services has dropped and in some cases become non-existent. A Franchisee will offer services on three distinct levels: 1.) It will ensure that the free FICS Mobile App is loaded on many phones of people in a Franchise area such as tow-in services, ambulance services, truck drivers, students, and general public. The capturing of data by these individuals will result in accurate information to be sold to stakeholders, i.e. attorneys, insurance companies and the RAF. 2.) There are 42 Services offered to local attorneys, auditors and brokers include collecting of documents for the former, performing investigations, getting statements, verifying information, acquiring certifications from state and other entities and doing tracings. 3.) Corporate entities / clients outsource national instructions to FICS i.e. doing payment audits at employers, investigating claims, tracing beneficiaries for retirement funds and monitoring on behalf of the corporate clients. Franchisees perform these services within the boundaries of the Franchise. People with investigative skills such as ex-Policemen are invaluable in performing these services. A Franchise consists of an Operator-Owner, an Office Coordinator and 2 to 3 ad-hoc investigators.


FICS offers a week of theoretical and practical training on a spectrum of topics relevant to managing a Franchise. These include management principles, all aspects of investigations, the practical aspects of the APP and Management System, audits, reporting, invoicing et cetera. After the formal training FICS send experienced managers and field workers to accompany Franchisees on field work and assist them until they comply to the required standard on all aspects. When there are problems that a Franchise encounter it is identified in a diagnostic way via the Management System, FICS will intervene and assist in the areas of challenge. The challenges may be qualitative and / or quantitative in nature. On-going FICS support is given from Head Office until the skills are transferred and full capacitation is completed.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

A potential Franchisee must have an entrepreneurial attitude and be comfortable in the SMME environment. Obviously a Franchisee must be able to work independently and be a people’s person with good communications skills. Someone with former Police, auditing or forensic experience, will help a lot but a generalist also makes a good Franchisee. Formal qualifications are not that important though FICS has current Franchisees from professional legal and auditing backgrounds. The user-friendly IT Management System ensures that a Franchisee does not have to be highly skilled in computer and IT. There is no real ‘disqualification’ for applicants to become a FICS Franchisee.


When It All Began


Gerhardt Becker

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Gerhardt Becker

Head Office


No. of Outlets

145 in total

Available Opportunities

125 still available

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 210 000

Initial franchise fee

R 110 000

Initial Working Capital

R 80 000 to R 150 000

Minimum owners contribution

0 – 20%
Franchise Terms

Management services fee


Marketing fee


Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

5 Years
FICS Logo hi-ress jpeg

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