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Do you love the great taste of fried chicken but worried about the oil? Now you can have your fried chicken and eat it too! Funky Chicken is made using a streamlined process which is healthier than any similar product on the market. Now you can have that fried chicken without the oily taste!

The Brand

Funky Chicken started in Bloemfontein around 10 years ago after spending 18 months working on the recipe. During 2018 a branch was opened in Bloemfontein as a trial run and had good response from the public. A second branch was opened in Trompsburg in 2019 and had even better response. Regretfully, after one of the partners ran into financial difficulties, both had to be closed.

With interest from potential franchisees nationally, we hope to grow the concept into a strong network of franchises locally and eventually internationally.


The main focus is chicken products and though the main items are deep-fried, the process is simple and streamlined, eliminating excessive fatty taste and oily residue. Quick and simple to prepare with a great taste and easy setup, this is one of the most affordable options available.

A variety of tasty and interesting products are also in development stage with exciting options coming.

Priced between our main competitors we offer a great taste, value for money and a healthier alternative.

Ideal locations should be very visible and have a lot of traffic moving past. Shopping centres are ideal but no restrictions in terms of locations and flexible hours are available. Depending on the size of premises, you may need 2 staff for a tiny takeaway (no seating) or 4-6 if larger busier premises.


Full training on all aspects are provided for the first 2 weeks with additional training available as needed. We also provide all graphic design free of charge for as long as you hold the franchise. Only pay for printing!

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

We are looking for dynamic and driven individuals who will take this concept and make it a massive success. Positive, motivated and hardworking franchisees may apply.

Keen entrepreneurs will spot this excellent opportunity.


When It All Began


Ian Schönborn

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Ian Schönborn

Head Office


No. of Outlets

Nil (2 opened, had to close due to franchisee financial difficulties)

Available Opportunities


FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 550 000 (stock excluded)

Initial franchise fee

R 550 000

Initial Working Capital

R 100 000

Minimum owners contribution

Franchise Terms

Management services fee

8% of monthly turnover

Marketing fee


Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

Funky Chicken Logo 1

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