Jimmy’s Killer Grills
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In November 2012 the first Killer Grill franchise opened its doors at the Woodmead Retail Shopping Mall in Woodmead , Gauteng. The (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value) motto, which remains a creed for everyone in the Jimmy’s Family to this day.

The Brand

In November 2012 the first Jimmy’s Killer Grill franchise opened its doors at the Woodmead Retail Shopping Mall in Gauteng. The Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value motto remains a creed for everyone in the Jimmy’s Family to this day.

Jimmy’s Brand success is built on a family-style philosophy with everyone working for a common cause. It is a family which now stretches right around the country, with franchise outlets, serving food and drinks of a very high quality and standard.

The brand is designed to appeal to all markets and we remain committed to franchising as our predominant way of doing business. In fact, the key to Jimmy’s success is a solid base of unique individuals – our franchise owners.


The menu at Jimmy’s Killer Grills has been designed to cater for many tastes. The unique sauces, ranging from very hot Tikka sauce to prego and lemon and herb offers every customer a choice. The grilled chicken can be prepared in five different sauces to suit the customers’ taste. The range of beef and chicken burgers are served with sauces that are freshly prepared in store. Our fantastic range of meat grills consisting of steak, chops, ribs, etc. has been a big hit. Products like the steak and chicken gatsby and dagwood sandwich make Jimmy’s Killer Grills different and unique.

There is also a breakfast menu available to stores that have a need for it.

Jimmy’s Killer Grills offers two options, the “take away” and “diner” concepts. The diner concept requires a minimum of 150m² and the menu is extended to include our famous prawn and fish dishes. Jimmy’s Killer Grills target is the middle to higher LSM group.


Training is a top priority at Jimmy’s because the success of the Company depends on dedicated, well-trained people and uniform operations from outlet to outlet.

Head Office has experienced Franchise Support Consultants who assist with the day to day operations of the franchise. Regular checks are done to maintain standards.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?


* A person of high professional and business integrity.
* Have interpersonal skills, team leadership potential or compatible experience.
* A willingness to personally devote full time and best efforts to the day-to-day operation of the restaurant as an on-premises franchisee (owner/operator).
* An entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to succeed.
* The ability to successfully complete a training and evaluation program.
* The ability to meet the financial requirements.


When It All Began


Azeem Amod

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Azeem Amod

Head Office


No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities

Nationally and Internationally.

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

From R 690 000 (Take Away) to R 1,3 Million (Diner)

Initial franchise fee

R 75 000

Initial Working Capital

R 100 000

Minimum owners contribution

50% or 20% for qualified individuals
Franchise Terms

Management services fee


Marketing fee

R 1 000 per month

Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

5 Years
Jimmy’s Killer Grills

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