Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt
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For the past 25 years Marcel’s has swirled its way into the hearts of thousands of customers – the secret; a soft serve product containing probiotic cultures (BB12) and all natural flavours. This award-winning concept proved to be so popular that today there are outlets throughout South Africa, as well as in Botswana & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Brand

Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt is not only South Africa’s most established frozen yoghurt brand (est.1989); but an award-winning dairy product. History was made in 2015 when Marcel’s became the first frozen yoghurt to take the SA Dairy Championship Qualité Award, above all categories, including butter, cheese, ice-cream and milk. Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt products continue to be recognized as one of the finest dairy products in the country every year. Founded 28 years ago, the Marcel’s brand has grown exponentially since opening its first store in Stellenbosch, and today has 25 stores across South Africa and Botswana as well as 8 international stores in Saudi Arabia. Marcel’s have been hard at work on an expansion plan to penetrate the lucrative Asia market, which should see the first store opening during Q3 of 2017. All Marcel’s products are made with the finest quality components, real dairy and natural ingredients, continually offering a healthier alternative dessert or sweet treat. Available in soft-serve and finished goods, Marcel’s can be enjoyed as a treat when out and about, or at home.


For 26 years Marcel’s has swirled its way into the hearts of thousands of customers – the secret; a soft serve product containing probiotic cultures (BB12) and all natural flavours. Our frozen yoghurt range is infused with probiotics, enabling our customers to enjoy their favourite treat with a healthy benefit! Additionally, the fat content of Marcel’s frozen yoghurt has been reduced from 5% to 2.4% in selected products, creating a delectable, low fat product made with natural fruit syrups and flavourings that is as good for you as it tastes.

The three pillars on which the business is based are consistent, quality products creating a sought after taste experience, service excellence and value for money. This is achieved by the factory controlling the quality, texture and freshness of all the ingredients before being sent to the Franchise outlets for processing.

There are currently 30 outlets that are performing above the company’s expectations with returning customers and steady growth. The brand is synonymous with consistent quality, service excellence and value for money.

The core business is a variety of flavours of soft serve frozen yoghurt in a tub or cone but other products like toppings, frozen yoghurt shakes, smoothies, blizzards and pre-packed products offer the consumer a variety which are available at all stores.

There is a strong demand for franchises throughout the country and internationally but the growth of the franchises is controlled to ensure that the franchisees have the best possible chance of success.


Initial training consists of hands on and theory which includes an overview of the Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt business model and general business procedures, helping Franchisees become proficient in all aspects of operating a Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt Franchise. The importance of proper training cannot be over emphasised and is essential to the success of all. Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt operations support are at the outlets to assist in set up, in-store training, opening the outlet and will continue to support the Franchisees throughout their Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt Franchise ownership.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

The Franchise selection process is based on an ‘equal opportunity’ policy. The Franchisor has established a Franchisee Profile that is used to determine the best candidates for owning a Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt Franchise which includes:

* A hands-on attitude towards the business
* Business acumen
* A good organiser
* A problem solving personality
* A disciplined work ethic
* An entrepreneurial spirit
* A good financial standing
* Good social and communication skills
* Good marketing skills
* Good management skills

Find us at:
Instagram: marcels_za
Twitter: @marcels_ZA


When It All Began


Marcel van der Merwe

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Sheikh Ammar Y Naghi

Head Office


No. of Outlets

9 in SA (6 in UAE, 1 in Botswana, 1 Namibia)

Available Opportunities

Throughout South Africa.

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 1.2 Million

Initial franchise fee

R 95 000

Initial Working Capital

R 400 000

Minimum owners contribution

Franchise Terms

Management services fee

6% on turnover

Marketing fee

3% on turnover

Initial agreement term

5 Years

Renewal term

5 Years
Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt

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