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Master Maths is maths extra classes for grade 4 to 12 learners. Our system covers the entire South African curriculum with more than 149 centres across Southern Africa. Master Maths has been providing maths tuition since 1976 and has assisted two generations with extra maths classes.

The Brand

Master Maths made history in 1976 when it was amongst the first training companies to make use of audio-visual teaching methods (tapes and slides), to provide individualised extra maths tuition to school children. Master Maths continued its pioneering ways in 1978 when it became one of the first businesses in South Africa to Franchise its business concept.

The business was acquired by Johan and Petro Welgens in 1995 and lodged in the PJ Green Trust. At this time, it only had 30 franchisees operating from 30 centres. They soon realized that the “tapes and slides” technology had come to the end of its useful life and that it was time to upgrade the teaching material to more current technology. Under their leadership, the business developed a unique computer based Mathematics teaching system which was launched in the Master Maths franchises in 2000. This System, which is at the heart of every Master Maths centre, uses voice, animated images and learner interaction to deliver teaching content to learners.

Since the takeover in 1995, Master Maths has grown strongly and it currently has in excess of 120 Franchisees operating out of more than 151 Master Maths centres providing individualised extra maths tuition to approximately 14 500 school learners nationwide. The system is also used in more than 250 high schools to support and enhance curriculum delivery. The Head Office has, during this time, increased from 5 employees to 28. All the systems and product development is done in-house. The company has identified a strong market for extra Physical Science tuition as well and the development of a program for Science was commenced in 2006. The new system was launched in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength.


Why does Master Maths work?

Delivering the lessons:

One of the main reasons why Master Maths is so successful is because the Teachers/Tutors do not have to personally deliver every lesson. This is catered for by the highly effective audio visual teaching system. The fact that lessons are delivered via a computer increases the standard, consistency and quality of the teaching substantially.

Individual attention:

Every learner who attends a Master Maths centre is treated as an individual. Learners undergo diagnostic testing and individual development programs are set up based on the results. Since the “teaching” load on Tutors is decreased substantially, they now have their hands free to concentrate on personal assessment of the learners, on motivating them and on steering their development in the desired direction.

Progress at own pace:

With the interaction between the learners and the computer based teaching system being at the core of the system, learners are now allowed to progress at their own pace.


Because the teaching is largely taken out of their hands, Master Maths Tutors can provide individual tuition to as many as 12 learners simultaneously.

The fact that nearly 80% of clients who enrol with Master Maths do so based on referrals
from satisfied clients confirms that the concept works.


Master Maths has many competitors in the sense that every teacher who wishes to can do private tuition from home. They can however not compete on a quality, productivity or cost. Visit our website to find out why.


Before you open your centre, you will have to undergo intensive training at venues indicated at that time. It is also advisable that you have the system available at your home before and during this time so that you can get familiar with the maths and the system itself. The Master Maths system is supplied to franchisees once the contract and franchise fees have been paid. Our IT Department will provide the franchisee with instructions and telephonic support for the installation of the system. It is required that franchisees have technical support from local IT professionals to ensure the smooth running of a centre. It is our aim to visit/see our Franchisees at least twice in a year to do follow up training and to help out if any problems do arise. If need be, this may be done more frequently. You are welcome to contact Head Office at anytime regarding Operational, System, Marketing or Financial questions.

We have a National Conference every second year at which we inform our Franchisees of the latest developments in our organisation and the way forward. Our Franchisees of the Year are also announced and honoured annually at specially arranged functions or at the National conference.

It is important to us that your franchise succeeds. We will do our best to ensure this.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

We are looking for individuals who are:

• passionate about being successful;
• aspire to owning a rewarding business;
• willing and able to grow and sustain a business concern;
• proficient in mathematics, preferably with educational experience;
• willing to learn our business method;
• keen to interact with young people;
• involved in their communities;
• good communicators who deal productively with all people.

We know our franchise owners are successful because we ensure that:

• we promote a culture of success;
• our franchisees are well trained and engaged in the process;
• our franchisees have access to the best curriculum aligned Science product available, being the Master Science system;
• we provide continuous support


When It All Began


Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Adrie Schoeman

Head Office

Somerset West

No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities

Please contact Master Maths directly.

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

R 180 000

Initial franchise fee

R 20 000 to R 45 000

Initial Working Capital

R 11 000

Minimum owners contribution

On application
Franchise Terms

Management services fee

15% excluding VAT per month

Marketing fee


Initial agreement term

On application

Renewal term

On application
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