UNIQueCo Property Valuers
UNIQUECO Properties (Pty) Ltd (Trading as UNIQUECO Property Valuers) was established in 2008, featuring a company fundamentally based on unique valuation methodologies and administrational strategies.

The Brand

Since its inception in 2008, and under the management of the highly successful team of Lourens Nel and Ruth Mokonyane, the company has grown from strength to strength. The tempo at which the business has developed and the financial success it has achieved over this period, have compelled the partners to seek ways of expanding its operations. After considering various options, it was decided to franchise the business. Uniqueco’s core business is the provision of professional valuation services of exceptional quality, primarily real estate, using unique methodologies and administrational strategies.

Although Uniqueco’s scope of experience embraces three decades of practical exposure to the property valuation sector which includes real estate open market valuations, assessments of movable property, mass valuations, building or development progress assessments, servitudes & expropriation assessments and insurance evaluation, the company focuses on immovable property types commonly known to the investment markets of the South African property industry namely, residential, commercial, industrial, retail, agricultural, leisure, servitude & expropriation, municipal, equity & commodities, and specialised valuations.

For any franchise model to be successful, both the company (franchisor) and its franchisees should derive solid and enduring benefits from the arrangement. Franchising shall place Uniqueco in a position to realise its expansion plans cost effectively and at a much faster pace, enabling the company to achieve national market penetration and an increased market share based on investments made by the franchisees.


The purpose of our service is to determine and inform stakeholders regarding the common understanding of the value contributing attributes of the property being valued, enabling and assisting these stakeholders in taking decisions regarding buying & selling, investments, income tax, rates and taxes, legal assistance, expropriations, insurance, asset registers, sequestrations, and equity & shareholding values.

One of Uniqueco’s objectives is to improve the underestimated importance of property valuation services and to make a significant contribution in creating general recognition of the essential role which valuers play, in not only the economic, but also the social and political spheres of our society. In order to achieve this, a range of applicable valuation methods and principles needs to be employed which will determine the potential market value of the property and inform the stakeholders accordingly. However, the valuation concepts and principles need to be unique, hence Uniqueco’s distinctive valuation system.

At present, it is the larger valuation companies who dominate the market to the extent that major clients such as municipalities, government, corporate and industry make use almost exclusively of their services. As a result, the smaller independent firms are completely isolated and must rely on sourcing business from smaller clients.

It is the intention of Uniqueco to employ its vast experience and exceptional and dedicated human resources to make a significant impact on the industry in which it operates, to elevate the importance of valuers and their services, and to expand Uniqueco through franchising, providing lucrative and challenging career opportunities to participants in the industry.


Franchisees will benefit from operating under the umbrella of Uniqueco, using its trademark and brand, and operating in accordance with the company’s operational principles, standards and procedures. Franchisees shall also benefit from the support, advice and assistance provided by the company’s infrastructure and expertise. As the network grows, both franchisor and franchisees will benefit from economies of scale and joint marketing & advertising connected with the brand.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Uniqueco offers business and career opportunities primarily to registered Professional Valuers, Associated Valuers and Candidate Valuers, affording them the chance to become part of a large, well established organisation which is in the process of fast developing a national footprint, and which is part of a franchise network, with an existing infrastructure, and with all its policies, systems, processes and procedures perfected and operational.

What is more significant of this opportunity however, is the fact that it opens doors and gives access to clients who would not normally be accessible to smaller firms and independent valuers. Independent Valuers will typically forfeit the lion’s share of their fees to larger valuers in those instances where these independents manage to source business from bigger clients. Uniqueco makes it possible for its franchisees to access and perform these larger valuations and share a significantly smaller portion of the fee with the franchisor, rather than other big firms. In short, franchisees will secure projects which they, as independents, would normally not have secured. This means that they will dramatically increase their turnovers and profitability.

Apart from receiving support, advice and assistance from the franchisor in exchange for a management service fee, franchisees will have the added benefit of a franchisor who actively participates in each transaction. In this respect the proposition can be viewed as a partnership or joint venture between the franchisor and franchisee since the franchisor will be involved in the project, together with the franchisee, and sharing in a portion of the turnover.

Three franchise categories will be made available to prospective franchisees and will be described as Levels.

• Level 1 − capital cities, major cities or portions of these will be made available.

• Level 2 − secondary cities and townships will be made available.

• Level 3 − medium sized and smaller townships will be made available.


When It All Began


Lourens Nel

Year Established


1st Franchise Opened

Brand Network


Lourens Nel

Head Office


No. of Outlets


Available Opportunities

South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique.

FASA Membership

Investment (Excl. VAT)

Average set-up cost

There are 3 levels – depending on which level.

Initial franchise fee

On application

Initial Working Capital

On application

Minimum owners contribution

On application
Franchise Terms

Management services fee

There are 3 levels – depending on which level

Marketing fee

There are 3 levels – depending on which level

Initial agreement term

On application

Renewal term

On application
UNIQueCo Property Valuers

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