MiniChess Franchise

Empowering Young Minds for a Bright Future

MiniChess Franchise

Full Description

The Brand

Relevant Concept:
The concept to starting-up MiniChess Franchise Holdings Pty Ltd was born from the dream to empower dedicated local MiniChess Franchisees to take the award-winning MiniChess program to children, schools and communities around South Africa. The concept was very positively received and soon also spread to international In-Country Franchises.

Winning team:
We are dedicated to support our Franchisees to grow their businesses into quality, prosperous and sustainable local businesses – while being part of the drive to innovate education for the 21st Century.
The MiniChess program has won many local & international awards. Grandmaster Garry Kasparov endorses the program, calling it: “ The most scientific program in the world, linking chess with Education”


This Program is a MUST-HAVE in our time. The MiniChess-program uses play-innovations to teach critical 21st Century skills from the early ages – the things smart machines cannot do: creativity, problem-solving, forward-planning, strategic & entrepreneurial thinking, building effective teams, resilience, etc. These skills are NOT included in school-curricula, BUT is an ABSOLUTE MUST for preparing young minds for the fast-changing 21st century, of which the complexities are NOW starting to show.

21st Century relevance: Many youngsters are unemployed in this time of smart machines, because current teaching and training are hugely rote-memory styled – this is no longer enough for our children to thrive in a new world. We are part of EDUCATION-innovation for 21st century readiness, where the future workforce will work together with smart machines. Our program content and methodologies build HUMAN CAPACITY: the most powerful energy in the world! Many schools include us as their entrepreneurial-curriculum OR offers after-school & community clubs.

We focus on empowering minds form the critical early-ages (4-10 years). Our play-based learning platform moves over barriers of age, gender, culture, language and even physical abilities.

Local is best: Local MiniChess Franchisees take the MiniChess program to schools, pre-schools, any learning-center or holiday programs in their specific geographical Franchise-area. MiniChess Franchisees serves both self-paying and sponsored communities (in collaboration with Corporates and NPO’s). This is the business of the future – local business-owners serving the next generation with CRITICAL skills – and it is FUN games, story-telling, positive engagement all the way!

Grow your own business: AS Franchisees’ business demand grows, they contract with support personnel and build their own Teams.

This Franchise is quick and affordable to start-up, as it doesn’t require
• Venue, Rent.
• Staff, insurance
• Holding masses of stock

MiniChess Franchise-rights for a dedicated region costs R 75 000 and includes:
• Becoming part of a WINNING Team with a winning product for education in the 21st century!
• Training and equipment needed to start the Business immediately
• Ongoing training and support
• Strong marketing and financial-admin support.


Dedicated support TEAM:

Regular Training and annual MiniChess Franchise symposium.

Marketing support
• Online
• Media
• Presentations with clients
• Financial and admin support

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

A MiniChess Franchisee you must be:

* A good communicator
* Driven
* Interested in community benefit and education-impact
* Structured and have organisational and managerial skills


• MiniChess Teacher
• Manage others
• Serve clients
• Building and managing income streams
• Building a varied client base

This is a people’s business. You will work with people.

• Contract MiniChess Teachers
• Collaborate with School headmasters
• Serve Children between 4-9 years
• Link-up with Corporates / Sponsors
• Train Young Entrepreneurs and schools in disadvantaged communities
• Interact with Parents

What will be expected of you as Franchisee.

• Start-up a registered company
• Create visibility and footprint in your region = active marketing (the number of participants/learners in your region, drives income)
• Manage time and people in the business
• Accountability in presenting the MC-program authentically and be dependable for their client and MiniChess Franchise.
• Regular reporting and liaising with MiniChess Franchise office and Corporates/Sponsors
• Serving disadvantaged communities in sponsored MiniChess programs, with added income-streams.