Mothers and Miracles

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Mothers and Miracles

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The Brand

Established in 1998, Mothers and Miracles is a franchised network of businesses specialising in early learning development and stimulation programmes for babies and toddlers. The group is run by Rene Brummage, Joan Orr, Danielle Petzer and Wilna Engelbrect-Smuts. The weekly 90 minute classes, are attended by Mothers and their children (3 months – 3 years old).

If you're passionate about early childhood development, keen run your own business and want to work from home, Mothers and Miracles is the ideal opportunity.


Many women today see the work of making a life (significance) as an antidote to the emptiness that comes with simply making a living (success). Significance means doing work that you are called to do, rather than work that you want to do or work that merely pays well. It means following a vocation, rather than following a job. Moving beyond simply doing what we do for the sake of it. To start doing things because we’re called to do them. Admittedly there are many times in our life when we find ourselves doing stuff that doesn’t feel like a ‘vocation’ or in any way ‘significant’ – life/work can be very unglamorous at times. In fact, our ‘vocation’ could be something that happens outside of the workplace – running in the outdoors, volunteer work, art classes, singing. But, in every one of us is a calling to significance – to do and experience things beyond simply getting through the day – to be aware of making a life rather than simply making a living. We just need to listen to our inner voices to find out how.


We have developed a four-pronged approach to laying the foundation for your business:

1. You will be assisted and guided by a partner (a director of Mothers and Miracles) during your start-up phase.

2. We have custom designed a week-long practical training programme (Gauteng based) that includes:

• programme preparation and class presentation
• how to run a workshop (the business and operational issues)
• equipment and material requirements
• room layout and design
• marketing
• client relations
• the psychological and emotional development of the child
• observational sessions in existing workshops

3. International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) four day training programme:

The IAIM offers you a course with a high professional standard of training to enable you to become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). With this course and certificate, you will be able to teach infant massage to parents/carers, to enhance bonding, improve healthy development of the infant and provide support for the parents. You will be able to give talks and lectures to promote infant massage classes and to bring awareness among health professionals about the benefits of infant massage. The cost of this training is included in the initial franchise fee (only applicable to new franchises). The infant massage programme creates an ideal ‘feeder’ into your business.

4. On-going and regular information and training that will ensure you are well-informed and knowledgeable about:

• early childhood development
• global trends
• hygiene and safety on your premises
• troubleshooting

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

As an organisation, we aim to develop a network of franchised studios that comprise like-minded entrepreneurs that lend credibility and integrity to the business, that are passionate about parenting and who strive for excellence. The ideal person has:

• a child / children of her own
• an entrepreneurial spirit
• while a child education related background and/or qualification (teaching, occupational therapy, psychology, midwifery, nursing, social work) is always beneficial, it's not a deal breaker
• energy
• is responsive to children
• the ability to develop positive relationships with children and their families
• a warm and friendly disposition that relates easily to other Mothers
• tenacity
• the vision to develop a cognitively stimulating environment
• self-confidence
• enthusiasm
• a positive attitude
• a willingness to learn and to contribute to the group effort
• a commitment to ethical behaviour
• the commitment to work hard
• a supportive family infrastructure
• the passion to work in partnership with parents
• business experience
• the ability to build a sustainable brand within the community you serve
• creativity
• the desire, drive and motivation to run a successful workshop
• financial capital to sustain the growth and development phase of the business
• the ability to work within the team network of the franchise group
• the motivation to work independently