Oasis Water

Refresh, Revive, Refill!

Oasis Water

Full Description

The Brand

Our on-the-go, modern day lifestyles demand a lot from us. Leaving us both physically and mentally drained. And this is where RO3 Oasis comes in. We like to think of ourselves as a welcome reprieve from the arid boardroom and parching playgrounds. A veritable haven from the dreary and dry. A source of life force. A real, well…Oasis!

The RO3 Oasis brand is currently one the fastest growing trademarks in the beverage industry with an acclaimed award of FASA's Franchise of the Year.


After successfully identifying a suitable franchisee, our excellent support and training staff will assist the new business partner all the way. Our services includes a unique on and off site training approach to ensure a sustainable franchise business.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

Are you a self-starter with an apptitude for business, this opportunity is for you?
You would require general business management skills to make a success of a franchise outlet. As the owner of a small business you will be responsible for the general day-to-day running of the business. The following skills must be applied to ensure a successful business.
- Human resource management
This is the general management of the personnel you employ to help run the operation.
- Operational management
This entails the management of the general business activities like stock management, production, order management, deliveries, etc.
-Strategic management
The planning and goal setting for the business to ensure survival and future growth.
- Marketing management
The establishment of an awareness of your business in the local community to ensure your potential customers in the area know your location and products.
- Financial management
The management of the financial side of the business. This entails budgeting, cash flow management, financial record keeping, VAT payments, etc.