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Ocean Basket

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The Brand

Mediterranean Home of Seafood. Our fresh, delicious and generous portions of seafood are served at affordable prices, with our liquid gold (Creamy Lemon Sauce) and accompanied by complimentary bread and sauce trio. It is our purpose to put all our stakeholders in a good mood, through our offering and through our business.

The first Ocean Basket opened its doors in Pretoria in 1995. Brothers Fats (Peter) and George Lazarides had a simple dream: to open a restaurant where people could enjoy great seafood without spending a fortune. Only the best was good enough for their customers. The brand was founded on an obsession to serve, create happiness and to see people uplift themselves. When queues started forming outside their doors, the founders knew they had a winning recipe.

Soon they had 5 restaurants in Gauteng, and Pedro De Sambento came on board to take Ocean Basket to the Cape.

Their excellent offering and incredible knowledge of the customer, combined with a clever location strategy, saw the brand quickly grow to become one of the most loved and respected restaurant brands in South Africa.

Future aspirations include continuing to grow the brand into international markets and providing greater returns to existing and new franchisees in South Africa, whilst keeping our Mediterranean culture.


Our business is about bringing our offering of delicious seafood, generosity, abundance, affordability and a feeling of being welcomed to an area. Our target market is middle to higher income customers. We search out sites in shopping malls, convenience centers, neighbourhood centers and even stand-alone sites. The location needs to be easily accessible for our customers and have high foot traffic. We allow our franchisees equal opportunity and never over saturate an area. Since we serve a single protein, the operations of the business is simpler.

The typical staff compliment will vary from 18-22 back of house and 10-16 front of house.


New franchisees and their crew undergo an intensive training programme, which encompasses both theoretical and practical on-the-job training. The course content is designed to fully prepare the participants for the operation of their new business. The training includes:

1. Training on all key areas of running an Ocean Basket restaurant
2. Welcome packs for the new crew members
3. Competency certification
4. Support for 10 days after opening
5. Operations, Brand standards manual and Training manual
6. Assistance with advertising for and interviewing of new applicants.

Training courses run for a period of six to eight weeks. It’s the franchisees obligation to ensure that all staff are fully trained prior to working in any restaurant. Upon completion, the franchisee will receive a comprehensive operator’s manual for reference purposes. The training programme is on-going and refresher courses are always available.

Each franchisee has a dedicated Business Advisor who will assist in the opening and on-going operations of their restaurant. The Business Advisors add immense value, both from an operational and financial point of view and their function is also to ensure the brand integrity of Ocean Basket is maintained.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

When looking for franchisees there are 2 types - the OPERATOR and the INVESTOR


* Past franchise experience
* Understands the business
* Strong business acumen
* Must know how to manage staff
* Must be able to conform brand standards
* Must be passionate and determined
* Must have vested interest in the business
* Must know that this is HARD work


* Adequate funding
* Understands that there must be an operating partner
* Understands the business
* Needs to manage expectations