Primi World

We Love People. We Love Food.

Primi World

Full Description

The Brand

The first PRIMI restaurant was founded in 1999 in Cape Town, created through Peter Castle and Fancesco Zanasis with an ambitious entrepreneurial management team and devoted staff. Since then, this family orientated restaurant franchise with more than 40 stores has entrenched itself in the hearts and minds of its customers as a trendy afro-centric brand. Passionate about food and people, Primi teams with Urban Energy and the chant “We Love People. We Love Food”.

PRIMI food is fresh, fast, comforting and healthy with all menu items freshly cooked from scratch using only the finest sourced ingredients. The cuisine is inspired by Italian tradition but influenced by the Cosmopolitan present catering for a variety of occasions and taste preferences.


Urban Energy: The distinct experience within every Primi space stemming from an overwhelming sense of purpose and passion towards a collective goal. The PRIMI restaurant concept has branched out into four distinct franchise variants making the unique PRIMI eating experience accessible to as many people as possible, and brightening up the world with its playful orange. Primi aims to consistently create the perfect eating experience, exceeding customers’ expectations… each and every time!

Owner operators are passionate, empathetic and well trained (extensive training and procedures have been established to enable operators, management and staff to practice protocol and instill the passionate energetic philosophy).

Staff motivation is enhanced through a unique ranking system with a performance-based structure (everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop; staff are driven to improve rank, responsibilities and benefit from a higher income stream).


The Primi Training programme is one of the most extensive and exhaustive of its kind in the industry. Operating a Primi Piatti restaurant is tantamount to being a qualified restaurateur, which requires years of hotel school attendance. We take pride in knowing that each and every aspect of the training has been SETA approved and can enable the participant to operate his or her business anywhere in the world. Every aspect of the operational, financial and administrative challenges in owning a restaurant are covered in minute detail.

Primi World also offers on the job training once the store has opened and additional training is requested or required. The benefit of the Primi training system is that the operator is also able to train many of his own staff in store. This gives the owner less reliance on the Franchisor.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

There is no specific qualification required to own and operate a Primi Franchise. What is required is hard work, passion, dedication and substantial unencumbered cash. If the attitude is right you can operate a Primi Franchise.