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Real Fish Chicken and Chips

Full Description

The Brand

The CEO of Real Fish and chips, Michael de Gouveia started off in the food industry at the age of 12 when he started working in his father’s green grocer. At that age he decided that food is his passion. After Gaining valuable experience over the years, Michael decided to explore a gap in the market. In 2009 he took the opportunity and started Real Fish and chips.

As a young entrepreneur, Michael de Gouveia always wanted to create a successful brand. He was inspired by the many positive and successful role models in his life. This made the perfect combination to start the real brand.


Real Fish Chicken and Chips continuously develop new products, thereby reinventing ourselves and keeping the brand dynamic. The hands on approach, passion and commitment of the management team has seen the company to its success.

The Real Fish Chicken and Chips' aim is to satisfy the tastes and needs of our customers, bringing the most distinctive, affordable and quality fast foods to the South African market.

Our aim is not to open as many stores as possible but to open successful and profitable stores.


Real Fish Chicken and Chips has developed a proven business formula by creating a strong brand and culture that is backed up by stringent operating systems and procedures. These include:

* Detailed operational manual
* Store promotions
* Corporate identity
* Staff and store owner training.
* Store system links to and from Head office
* Distribution Centre

We provide our franchisees with extensive support which includes:

• A comprehensive franchise agreement
• Turnkey operation
• Affordable nominal membership fees
• Excellent Return On Investment
• Quality store fittings and fixtures
• Opportunity to get into an exciting market
• Sustainable long-term growth

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

We consider a Franchisee to be a unique and passionate person with the following characteristics:

* To run your own business within the parameters of the Real Fish Chicken and Chips brand and business format.
* Be credit worthy and have available financial resources.
* Be computer literate.
* A 'hands on'operator who can pro-actively market your business.

A franchisee with managerial experience and/or having been self-employed would be beneficial.