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+27 72 253 3126

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Yolandi van Wyk

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+27 72 253 3126

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We recognise the importance of the right communication to driving change, differentiating your people practices from others and providing innovative solutions to Human Resource Management. It is our philosophy to find solutions with you, understanding your business, your values and your key drivers of success; which are your employees.

We represent Communication, Differentiation and Innovation: the 3 key elements, which are highly valued by employees in an organisation.

CDI HR Consulting was established in 2009 and since then we have been representing clients with Best in Class HR practices suitable and sustainable for their businesses.

Since the beginning we have been at the forefront of establishing these practices across various local industries to international organisations. We understand the dynamic matrix structures that your business operates in daily.

Representations on HR practices and finding solutions for our clients have taken us abroad into Africa where we have assisted clients in countries like Botswana, Swaziland, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, DRC etc.

We operate as a virtual organisation and draw on experienced resources from a pool of talented associates in the recruitment industry, labour sector and various associations.

Our team of HR Professionals has experience from various sectors including Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Mining, Explosives, Retail and Publishing Industries.