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GAAP Point of Sale

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GAAP Point of Sale started out as a family run business over 30 years ago and has grown into an international point of sale provider with representation throughout Africa and beyond.

GAAP specializes in point of sale for the hospitality industry and employs industry leading technologies to stay ahead of the pack. We develop our own software which allows us to respond timeously to the growing needs of the hospitality market. We also supply top tier hardware ensuring your system is always up and you don't have to worry about hardware failures.

We provide our customers with a robust hardware and software solution that will streamline operations and increase profitability. We strive to offer training that is informative at no cost to our customers insuring maximum benefit from their investment.

Our mission is to continue to lead the market in support excellence and minimize downtime to our customers. We Offer affordable hassle-free rental packages that are fully inclusive of hardware, software and services.

We see each and every customer as part of the GAAP family and enjoy long and prosperous relationships with them.