Marc1 IoT Point of Sale

The Smart POS that gets you more customers

Marc1 IoT Point of Sale

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Marc1 is a multi award winning point of sale platform that gets you more customers and increases your sales.

Designed by South African tech firm A2D24, the robust, low-cost Marc1 point of sale platform works by tracking wifi signals from passers-by and potential customers’ smartphones near retail locations. These are picked up by an in-store IoT device able to measure distance to device, dwell time as well as uniquely identifying each device to capture loyalty information.

These unique capabilities have since seen retailers in South Africa and Botswana realise a revenue boost of up to 15%, as well as significant decreases in operational costs.

Using our end-to-end point of sale platform, we promise that you will:
• Never miss a sale
• Get more customers through your doors
• Add one more item to each sale
• Develop 1-1 relationships with your customers
• Reduce shrinkage
• Always be in the know with what is happening in your stores in real time

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