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Soapbox Promo and Gifts is a concept that specialises in the supply of large volume branded corporate clothing and gifts to corporate companies, SME's, government departments, schools, clubs and a wide variety of customers.

In the last three years, Soapbox has grown considerably due to a number of industry-first innovations. Soapbox established itself as the first and remains the only supplier in South Africa boasting at first, a 72-hour money back guarantee on embroidery, and in 2016 improved on this offering by adding a 24-hour money-back guarantee on embroidery. Together with improvisation by the major suppliers in the market, we can now deliver 24 hour branding on 170 corporate gifting items and embroider an average of 1000 logos in 24 hours.

Soapbox is currently one of the largest suppliers of branded corporate clothing and gifts in South Africa as well as the largest Barron supplier in Pretoria, partnering with Barron, Amrod, Altitude, Captivity Headwear, Headwear 24 and Mass Supply within the corporate clothing and gifts sector.