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UCMAS South Africa

Full Description

The Brand

UCMAS is a programme that enables optimal brain development through the use of the Chinese Abacus.

UCMAS was established in Malaysia in Oct 1993. It consists of a global network of more than 56 countries with more then 600 000 children on the program worldwide. UCMAS prides its success on continually investing in on-going research and development in educational systems.


UCMAS is an educational extracurricular activity that teaches the basic mathematical skills addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to children between the ages of 4 and 13 years (75% of brain development occurs at this age).

The programme stimulates the left and right brain in the early most crucial development stages.

The finely structured syllabus prepared by the UCMAS curriculum development department helps children to learn mental Math in a fun and stimulating environment, most importantly it helps students, not only inside the classroom or traditional academics, but also enhances the IQ by improving analytical skills and thought processes.


UCMAS SA offers an intensive in-house training course for franchisees and course instructors, followed by on-site, on-the-job training conducted at the franchisee’s office. Additional training courses are available and will be run on an on-going basis.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

UCMAS offers excellent business franchise opportunities. No prior experience is necessary, only a minimal investment of resources and time is required. A franchisee is encouraged to complete a training programme and can decide to teach classes themselves or appoint and train a course instructor. The potential to expand will depend on how many classes can be conducted by the franchisee and the number of available course instructors.

UCMAS is looking for:

- Individuals committed to the development of children, people and society in general.
- Individuals with integrity who are good networkers with a passion for development.
- Ability to initiate, direct and control business operations.
- All those with entrepreneurial skill, achievement orientation, ability to manage the administration, operation and marketing in the local areas, love for children, benefit of participating in a wonderful pioneering effort in developing the youth of tomorrow.
- Those who are interested in setting up centres and providing employment with a minimum investment with excellent returns.
- Ability to manage , administer and market life time skills for children so as to develop them into worthy citizens of tomorrow.
- Judgement and application of concepts.