Passionate About Coffee


Full Description

The Brand

In a world of look-alike coffee shop franchises Wiesenhof stands out as a uniquely South African offering. From the rich earthy colours in the design of the stores to the distinctly spicy flavours of our food, Wiesenhof is very proudly South African.

Founded in 1998 by Kobus Wiese, the brand has grown to 46 franchises. Wiesenhof Coffees success is due to a rebuilding phase, a getting back to basics after the economic downturn and in focusing on the core business of good coffee, and meeting the customers’ requirements.


Wiesenhof currently has four franchise concepts:

1. Café:

A Wiesenhof Café is a typical Café-Coffee shop-restaurant located in a range of sites such as malls, corporate HQ’s, private hospitals, airports and standalone sites. The menu is extensive, with a full waiter service to the tables.

2. Refill espresso bars:

A refill espresso bar is a unit located in similar locations to the Café, but would be used where retail and take away fare are expected. A smaller, simpler take away and ready prepared menu is the norm and service is counter style rather than full waiter service. Services required may be less, with a smaller or limited kitchen

3. Mobile coffee unit:

Wiesenhof identified a need for a specialised mobile towed unit serving high quality coffee and other beverages for outside functions such as shows, sporting events, school events etc.

4. 4 in 1 units:

Wiesenhof have put together a solution to a market requirement; whereby a staff canteen is required by a location, but also a Café or a Refill bar, a Deli or a retail section, and a further unit such as a hot dog stall or similar small impulse takeaway fast food unit.


The Wiesenhof training programme runs for three weeks with theory conducted in a class room environment and the practical training done in a franchisor’s training store.

Our established infrastructure ensures full support to all franchisees.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

The ideal franchisee is a strong individual with an entrepreneurial, outgoing nature, good communication skills, an eye for detail and a strong service orientation.

Franchisees must be prepared to work within the systems and processes imposed by the franchisor and must be prepared to manage and personally run the business.