For prospective Franchisors, Franchising your business can be the most life changing decision that you will ever make!

To ensure that it is the CORRECT life changing decision that you make, it is imperative to attend the HOW TO FRANCHISE YOUR BUSINESS Workshop presented by SA Franchise Brands, a full member of the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA).

The objective of the HOW TO FRANCHISE YOUR BUSINESS Workshop is to empower you to have a better understanding of Franchising and the confidence to franchise your business. If implemented correctly, Franchising is a fantastic way to expand your business relatively quickly and at a greatly reduced cost. It is a sophisticated way of attracting both capital and people who pay you for the privilege of operating your business under your umbrella.

By attending this two-day HOW TO FRANCHISE YOUR BUSINESS Workshop you will know:

  • Why expand your business using the franchise concept.
  • If your business is ready to be franchised.
  • If profit generated meets your expectations.
  • How to deal with financial institutions.
  • Your legal and ethical obligations.
  • The implications of the Consumer Protection Act for franchisors.
  • How to implement a feasible and sustainable development plan.
  • The importance of franchisee training and support.
  • How to effectively market your franchise.
  • The reality of being a Franchisor.

The FASA endorsed course material contains examples for later reference.

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