Full Description

The Brand

The brand URBAN LINK HQ (PTY) LTD is a property franchise that is a specialist in residential letting, property sales, commercial rentals and business brokering all in one brand. The residential letting model is very limited and certainly has not made financial sense in this current climate as the pie is shared by all estate agents who have jumped onto the property rental bandwagon. The rentals only model therefore makes no sense.


URBAN LINK HQ (PTY) LTD uses a uniformed approach to having a ONE STOP AGENT shop that provides an invaluable service to Landlords, Tenants, residential or commercial, as well as property and business buyers and sellers. Franchisees benefit from a brand that has one marketing spend and one set of overheads, therefore increasing the number of agents in one office, but with multi portfolios. The franchise model is and has been the most sucsessful way to expand a property business without the reputational issues of owning multiple branches.


Support by the HQ team is driven by Raal Nordin who has incorporated his years of knowledge to provide new franchisees, their agents and the landlords and tenants with a skill that will provide everybody with exceptional service!

Our systems are tried and tested over the 20 years we have been in the property business and our rent-roll software and credit vetting processes are streamlined by plugging into the most innovative systems.

Regular agent training ensures that the team is well qualified to be knowledgable with new leglisation such as THE PIE ACT, CPA, NCR, EAAB qualifications such as NQF4 and NQF5.

Our marketing initiatives are certainly platformed on team work.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

URBAN LINK HQ (PTY) LTD is looking for entusiastic franchisees that have a vision to build a great residential rentals book whilst also focussing on servicing the commercial property market. Of course business brokering is a sure way to increase the cash flow of any business, as business brokering is driven predominantly by cash buyers, therefore transactions are concluded virtually instantly.

A person with strong administration skills is certainly very advantageous as this business is very admin orientated.