It is no secret that when it comes to business, meeting the customers’ needs should be a top priority. It’s all about adding value. Aside from offering sterling service and products that exceed their expectations, the real way to make a customer happy is by going the extra mile. This is what has sparked The Fish & Chip Co. to run another competition for their loyal customers –to prove just how committed they are to meeting their needs.

Following the success of their first ‘Win a Car’ competition, which was finalised in March 2014, the company decided that they needed to reward another loyal fan.

“The winner of our first competition, who is a local taxi driver who does not own his own mode of transport, was elated when we delivered his new car. We knew, based on his reaction as well as the overwhelmingly positive response from the public, that giving away a car has phenomenal appeal and is a dream competition for anyone to enter. We simply just had to create some excitement for our fans by launching a second competition,” shares Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co. Jan de Beer.

Aside from the great interest that the initial competition created, The Fish & Chip Co.’s decision to give away such a valuable prize is once again connected to its customers’ need for reliable transport.

Fish Co Promo“It is no illusion that many South Africans are strapped for cash in the economy that we find ourselves in. The majority of our customers, who are in the LSM categories of 4-7, either have to make use of public transport to commute or have never owned a car of their own before.  A car is ideal to meet their need for private transport as well as their desire to own something new and dependable of their own. This is why we know that a competition such as this is something that our customers will appreciate.”

This time around, The Fish & Chip Co. along with their sponsors, Coca-Cola, will be kicking customer satisfaction up a gear by giving away a brand new Chevy Spark Campus. The new ‘Win a Car’ competition kicks off today, 1 August and will run until 31 October 2014.

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