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Food Lover's Market

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The Brand

Fruit & Veg City was started in 1993 by brothers Brian and Mike Coppin. Since the beginning it has been a family business, with emphasis placed on good family values such as wholesomeness, trust, honesty and integrity. The brothers’ vision was to create a store that would resemble a marketplace of old, where farmers brought their fresh produce from their farms to be sold to the public. This was how their first store in Kenilworth, Cape Town was run, and this is how every Fruit & Veg City store that has opened since is also run. The brand then evolved to its current form of Food Lover’s Market, a theatre of food, that focussing on fresh, value, range and hands-off customer service.

The dedication to freshness at an affordable price is one of the cornerstones on which Fruit & Veg City is built. Today there are over 100 Food Lover’s Market stores throughout Southern Africa, and even as far afield as Australia. Their vision is still visible in every Food Lover’s Market store, through the best in fresh guarantee and hands-on dedication from the founders as they still run the day to day operations of the company.


Food Lover’s Market, is a theatre of food leading in fresh produce offerings. Fresh includes not a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, but baked goods, butchery and fresh fish. The Food Lover’s Market team regularly cross the globe in search of the latest international trends in food to bring back the best elements of what they saw back with them.

The result is the stylish and modern food emporium called the Food Lover’s Market where discerning customer, the connoisseurs, the professional ‘foodies’ and, of course, our regular customers who are used to the exceptional quality and variety are catered for.


The Food Lover's Market franchise is geared towards the experienced food retailer, however there is an initial training programme in existing stores as well as opening team support and training. Departmental specialists assist in each aspect of the business.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

As it is fairly difficult to run/own one of our stores, you will need to meet the following criteria:

1. Experience in retailing.
2. Experience in fruit and vegetables.
3. Knowledge of running a business.
4. Knowledge of cash flow and control of it.

The final decision is subject to Food Lovers Market Holdings board approval.