NWJ Fine Jewellery

NWJ Fine Jewellery

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The Brand

Starting as a small, almost inconspicuous store in the middle of Durban in 1983, NWJ is today, one of the fastest growing retail jewellery chains in Southern Africa, a significant feat indeed!

The business has always been service focused, which is another reason why NWJ has been voted the "best place to buy jewellery" in the past Daily News Readers Choice survey for the past 7 years.

NWJ is unique in the respect that, as they have their own manufacturing division, they are able to skillfully craft their own jewellery and bring it directly to the public. This represents huge savings for their customers because in the distribution chain, their jewellery doesn't pass from one middleman to the next, with each middleman adding a mark-up.

It also means they never have to compromise the quality of their jewellery, to keep prices affordable!


As an NWJ franchisee, you can become part of a fast growing retail jewellery business in Southern Africa. A business that already has millions of customers.

How do you run a highly successful business built on diamonds, pearls and gold? Simple, you always offer your customers great value:

- in terms of the quality of the jewellery and watches on sale.
- in terms of the price.
- in terms of the payment terms (we offer various easy payment options)
- through having the perfect gift for every occasion
- through giving the right advice and information
-in the setting and ambiance of the store, and the store’s location

In short, value through the total shopping experience.

At NWJ we offer the customer all of the above and more. We offer the widest variety of jewellery under one roof, with much of it geared to the average spend of R 800. Although we also carry jewellery to appeal to much more expensive tastes.

Most of our jewellery is manufactured to the highest standards in our own factory. The rest is carefully selected by our buyers during their overseas trips to Italy, Germany, England, the East and India.

We also specialise in watches, carrying a large range of well-known international brands and carrying our own house brands.

Due to our massive buying power and the fact that we also manufacture much of our jewellery, we cut out the middleman and can therefore offer our customers top quality jewellery and watches at prices well below the market value.


NWJ will support you with:

- Comprehensive business plans.
- A carefully selected site.
- Staff selection and training.
- POS system, back office and training.
- Marketing and advertising promotions.
- Financial applications and lease negotiations.
- Fixtures and fittings.
- Cash flows.
- Professional market research.
- Product training.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

As a Franchisee, you have to wholeheartedly buy into the NWJ Fine Jewellery brand by living, breathing and making it your own. The brand is paramount and you, as a franchisee, are the custodian of the brand to protect and uphold it.

Buy fully into the brand and you will profit from the brand. It’s as simple as that!