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AIT Group offers clients access to a wide range of High Level Information Technology Solutions at a cost effective price. Our tehnological solutions range from integrated Telecom Solutions (AIT DTS) as well as Internet Services (AIT Online). With a sound history of over fifty years combined experience in the Information Technology industry, AIT Group is firmly established as a leader in supplying products and services that cater for businesses within the small, medium and large enterprise industry. AIT Group offers unique business solutions to a large business partner database.

Our solutions range from Cloud Hosted to high-speed bandwidth Last Mile Connectivity solutions, as well as providing the benefits from true converged Voice and Data services right to your doorstep. We are an IECS/IECNS and LME license holder. We are a member of ISPA (Internet Service Provider Association).

AIT Groups Infrastructure and Core is located in the Teraco Carrier Hotel Isando. The Data Centre is ISO 9001 Certified and PCI DSS compliant. Several generators are tested within the environment on a daily basis with multiple feeds from different power sources to the environment. Multiple fibre networks are terminated and easily accessible for us to provide a more redundant secure hosting environment. The air conditioning systems are fully tested and monitored 24/7 with very high level of security staff monitoring the building with strict access control. All access is logged and monitored by cameras throughout the building.

Our network consists of local peering provided by several exchanges such as NAP Africa and JINX etc. We provide full international restoration to ensure redundant connectivity. Juniper “carrier-grade” routers are used to provision full end to end redundancy in core and edge. Our network is fully MPLS-aware and Class-of-Service is provisioned to ensure customers get the service they pay for. Subscribers benefit as our network offers the capability to switch over 100Million Packets per second on our Teraco hosted infrastructure. Secure access-lists are applied for specific known bad protocols for customers with intelligent filtering. Our goal is to provide 100% up-time on a monthly basis and ensure we switch every packet a customer sends us to its destination.