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  • Fantini Café

    Fantini Café

    There’s always room for a tasty treat.

    Fantini Café is an Italian Coffee Shop / Restaurant brand based on the success & origins of the well-established Caffe Fantini.
  • Mochachos Mexican Chicken Fiesta

    Mochachos Mexican Chicken Fiesta

    Chicken Fiesta

    The brand's core product is Flame-grilled Mexican Spiced Chicken and are famous for their flavoursome Chicken Burger. However, the menu also involves a range of delicious and nutritious Burgers, Schwarmas and various Mexican meals including the Buritto, Fajita and Chimichangas.
  • Chicken City

    Chicken City

    Big Value Big Taste

    The Chicken City concept was first franchised in 1997. The growing demand for our uniquely deep fried and grilled chicken, supported by our management and operational teams resulted in rapid growth and success.
  • Roman's Pizza

    Roman’s Pizza


    Roman's Pizza was founded in 1993 when Arthur Nicolakakis bought over a struggling Pizzeria. He had a vision to provide the best quality product at the lowest price. Our goal today is still to be the best value for money in the industry. Many have tried to imitate our concept but few have succeeded. We truly believe that we are the Best Pizza and offer the Best Value.
  • Bella & Boo

    Bella & Boo


    We are excited about the explosive growth and progress we’ve made as we pioneer a new healthier, more natural frozen yoghurt product. Our product is made of real Bulgarian yoghurt and contains live yoghurt cultures. It is low in fat and has mostly natural ingredients.
  • Chicken Xpress

    Chicken Xpress

    South Africa's best no-frills, no-fuss franchise

    The business is a full turnkey operation for a new base model store at R845 000! The best value brand around with world class standards!! From our humble beginnings in KZN and Free State, Chicken Xpress is expanding across the country. We currently have sites available in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KZN. We are looking for both hands-on Chicken Xpress Franchisee's and any available sites that would suit our growing brand.
  • Boost Juice Bars

    Boost Juice Bars

    Naturally High!

    Boost Juice Bars is a healthy alternative to fast food with a range of delicious low fat juices, smoothies, crushes and super snacks. All the products on the menu are at least 98% fat free and contain nothing artificial whatsoever. Boost is always on the lookout for the latest innovations in healthy products.
  • Sausage Saloon

    Sausage Saloon

    Sausage Saloon Franchise South Africa has grown to become a leading brand in the franchise fast food market.Our product variety caters for all tastes. Affordable and quality products plus service excellence ensures that the Sausage Saloon Franchise is kept at the forefront of the fast food industry.
  • Domino’s Pizza

    Domino’s Pizza

    Ranked amongst the world’s top restaurant brands, Domino's has been offering customers globally a slice of pizza heaven since 1960.
  • Braai Hut

    Braai Hut

    A South African Tradition

    Braai Hut franchises offer a full range of ready-prepared, take-away braai meals along with salads, pap and other side orders.
  • Stadium



    It all started in 1980, when Johnny Pereira bought an old fashioned café. He improved quality and service, revamped the look of the store over the years to the green and orange signature look to the Stadium Fast Foods we know of as today.
  • Burgerack


    Ribs • Craft Burgers • Waffles

    Inspired by the heartbeat of downtown New York and the taste and flavours found on the best grills in the USA. We bring you mouthwatering tastes and freshness to each unique burger. We could waffle on.. but the best way to experience Burgerack is to bring your hunger and thirst to our store for a real full blown flavour experience.
  • Cafe2go


    The Mobile Coffee Bar

    Cafe2go offers a turnkey mobile coffee trailer opportunity. Join our growing group of coffee entrepreneurs.
  • Wakaberry


    Frozen Yoghurt Bar

    Wakaberry is a unique and interactive self-service, soft-serve frozen yoghurt bar; established in Durban, May 2011. We offer only the best 100% REAL frozen yoghurt which is SUPER LOW IN FAT!
  • Debonairs Pizza

    Debonairs Pizza


    Debonairs Pizza is the leading take out and home delivery pizza chain in Africa, with a footprint in excess of 400 outlets (locally and internationally) and representation in 13 countries across Africa and the Middle East. We have just extended our footprint in the East by opening our first restaurant in India in Mumbai.
  • Real Fish Chicken and Chips

    Real Fish Chicken and Chips

    Real Food For Real People

    Real Fish Chicken and Chips aims at satisfying the tastes and needs of our customers. The efforts of our fish chicken and chips style is focused on bringing the most distinctive, affordable and quality fast foods to the South African market. Our fish chicken and chips franchise is creating a brand that is synonymous with high quality, old fashioned fish chicken and chips.
  • Captain DoRegos

    Captain DoRegos

    It's all good!

    Captain DoRegos is an 'on-the-go' QSR franchise offering a great variety of value-for-money meals. Our hip, urban customers can tuck into delicious, crispy chicken pieces, fish and chips, dagwoods, burgers and breakfasts. Captain DoRegos has grown to more than 70 outlets in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia and Mauritius.
  • Zebro's



    Zebro's is a successful Braai Chicken Franchise and a significant role player in the Fast Food and Take Away industry in South Africa.